We go to the four corners of the world…

Part 1:

14th December 2020

With over 140,000 sites in 63 countries, we really do go to the ends of the earth to make sure that all of our customers have access to high quality, reliable safety camera data.

With the extensive research put in to develop our database here at Cyclops, we have full confidence about what should and what should not be in it. Therefore, ensuring that not only are we adding in new cameras, we are also removing any inaccurate cameras.

From the busy cities in the Middle East, to snow-capped mountains in the Alps, our surveyors travel hundreds of thousands of miles a year creating a database we can be proud of.

Part 2:

4th January 2021

Safety cameras come in all shapes and sizes – from roadside poles to overhead gantries, but they all have one thing in common – they represent a stretch of road that is either an accident hotspot or a speed sensitive area.

From the extensive research undertaken, our surveyors are professionals at spotting the different forms safety cameras come in within each country we cover. This ensures we never miss a camera.

Cyclops OEM grade content allows not only car manufacturers and leading automotive brands to have confidence in our offerings, but it also sets out to aid millions of drivers to keep their eyes on the road ahead, every day.

Part 3:

15th January 2021

This week we bring you survey images from Galas in central Malaysia and Kaiwaka on Te Ika-a-Māui (North Island) of New Zealand. Our surveyors are lucky enough to travel through some of the most scenic places on the earth whilst collecting our data.

Both our in-house team of researchers, and our field surveyors put care and attention into maintaining a truly world class safety camera database.

Part 4:

27th January 2021

It is our mission to identify and validate all new safety camera instillations anywhere in the world as well as any subsequent changes or removals.

With this, it also allows our surveyors to have a deep level of knowledge surrounding safety camera facts within the countries they travel.

Re-edited 12th October 2021


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