Stress Awareness Month

14th April 2022

Did you know April is stress awareness month?

Stress can affect any one of us at any time, but have you ever considered how stress can affect your driving? Stressed drivers can put themselves and others around them at risk. Research shows that feelings of stress can increase road rage and as a result, lead to driving more offensively and drivers taking more risks. Not only this, but stress may pose as physical challenges to many drivers, such as drowsy driving and mental distractions.

Stress can play a big role in whether you’re able to drive safely. But how can drivers ensure safety?

Understanding what stress actually is, is key to knowing how to deal with it. In short, stress is the body’s response to change, this could be physical, mental or emotional. You can also become stressed by situations you encounter whilst driving, such as:

  • Back seat drivers,
  • Road works,
  • Traffic,
  • Getting lost

Thankfully, strategies can help lessen the effects of stress whilst on the road. If you are feeling any level of stress before getting into your vehicle, take some time to clear your mind. Simply following some breathing exercises can lower your heart rate and help you focus on the drive ahead.