There are a variety of different pedestrian crossings, all with different meanings and rules. However, the one we are concentrating on is the zebra crossing. See below for a list of other crossings you may come across!

  • Zebra crossing,
  • Pelican crossing,
  • Puffin crossing,
  • Toucan crossing,
  • Pegasus crossing.

What is a zebra crossing?

Zebra crossings get their name from the fact they feature a series of black and white stripes painted across a road. Zebra crossings also have a round, amber coloured light at either side of the crossing. This makes visibility for both pedestrians and drivers clearer.

Information for pedestrians:

As previously mentioned, there are a number of different crossings. However, the zebra crossing is the only one where the pedestrian automatically has right of way once they have stepped out. This being said, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look both ways before stepping out. Not all drivers stop at these crossings, and equally, you may be hard to spot. Take care when crossing the road, even at a zebra crossing.

How should a driver approach a zebra crossing:

Drivers should be able to see in advance when they are approaching a zebra crossing. Driving with caution is important. It is common for zebra crossings to be positioned on busy roads, or near schools. When stopped at a crossing, drivers should allow any pedestrians to safely reach the other side of the crossing before moving off.