At Cyclops our mission is to help drivers reduce their speeds on our roads to make journeys safer for everyone. That’s why we are proud to support Road Safety Week 2021 in association with Brake, the road safety charity.  

Road Safety Week is a campaign created by Brake. The charity was set up to work to stop road deaths and injuries. Not only does Brake aim to create safer roads for all, they also support people affected by road crashes.

No one should be killed or seriously injured on roads, and we should all be able to move in a safe and healthy way.

Raising awareness:

Road safety is incredibly important, and therefore it is vital that awareness is raised surrounding this topic.

  • Schools –  Creating road awareness from a young age, is a great way to encourage children to understand the importance of road safety. To find out more about how this can be done, follow the link.
  • Communities – Brake run campaigns and deliver projects to educate communities on safe practices.
  • Workplace – Supporting the global network of at-work drivers, is an important aspect of road safety. Therefore, Brake have tailored information around this industry.

Road Safety Week:

Road Safety Week 2021 runs from 15th-21st November 2021. This years theme surrounds ROAD SAFETY HEROES, the aim of this campaign is to celebrate those road safety professionals who help make journeys safer for everyone.

How to get involved:

If you are interested in learning more about road safety and the importance, Brake have all the information you need. From educating those around you, to fundraising, follow the link to see what you can do, to make roads safer.