At Cyclops it is our mission to make journeys safer for all road users. Safety cameras are placed on stretches of road where accidents have happened before, sometimes repeatedly. Understanding the increased risk from excessive speeds in these areas, to all road users, and actively driving slower, helps reduce accidents.  


We help to do that by ensuring the accuracy and recency of our databases. We cover over 140,000 speed cameras in 63 countries. We deploy a team of expert researchers and field surveyors to maintain our high-quality standards. This commitment to quality is demonstrated in the volume of updates we make every month to speed camera locations around the world. Each month we make thousands of changes and update our databases throughout the day to ensure our partners and drivers are receiving the most up-to-date information. 

In 2019, our database had 34,253 changes. This included, 15,268 new sites added, 14,399 sites modified and 4,586 sites deleted. Despite the impact of COVID in 2020, our dedicated Cyclops team were able to make 20,864 database changes. Including 7,227 new sites added, 2,520 sites deleted and finally, 11,117 sites modified.