At Cyclops we have an expert team of surveyors who travel the world checking and recording the locations of speed cameras in 63 countries. They are used to driving in different countries and always plan their routes and research their destinations before they start their journeys. 

 If you are travelling on unfamiliar roads, particularly in foreign countries, it is sensible to do a bit of research and familiarise yourself with some key rules and regulations before you set off:

  • It may sound obvious, but familiarising yourself with local driving laws is a must. Some countries require you to carry certain items, like breathalysers or high vis vests at all times.  
  • Make sure your insurance covers you for travelling abroad. 
  • Be prepared for driving habits which are different to what you are used to and be prepared to stay calm when confronted by them. 
  • Make sure you know what the local speed limits are for your vehicle. 
  • Ensure you are familiar with your car, particularly if you have hired it on arrival. Take the time to learn where the key controls are and how everything works.  
  • Plan your routes in advance and make sure you pack an emergency kit for the car.