What the team at Cyclops don’t know about all types of safety cameras isn’t worth knowing! We’ve been researching, recording and alerting drivers all over the world to the locations of safety cameras for 20 years. You may well be surprised at how often safety camera placements change, but we are making thousands of updates every month to our global databases. We cover all types of safety cameras worldwide and thought we’d give you a flavour of the most common in the UK. 

Fixed Speed Cameras:

Digital Gatso Speed Camera – Rear-facing camera which takes two photos in quick succession and calculates speed of travel using the vehicle’s position on white lines on the road to give distance travelled over time. 

Truvelo Combi and D-Cam Speed Cameras – Similar to Gatso but don’t use flash so can be forward facing or both forward and rear facing in the case of the D-Cam. 

HADECS Speed Camera – Can record 5 lanes of traffic and are used mainly on smart motorways.  

Average Speed Cameras:

As the name suggests, these cameras calculate your average speed over a length of road. 

SPECS Average Speed Camera – Use Automatic Number Plate Reading and video to record drivers between a sequence of cameras, usually approx 200m apart on motorways and dual carriageways. Using infrared enables these cameras to work day and night. 

Siemens Safe Zone Average Speed Camera – Similar to the SPECS model, you’ll usually find these models outside schools and in urban areas 

SpeedSpike Average Speed Camera – The models are networked with other cameras to cover a area day and night and can capture your speed in both directions. 

Speed and Traffic Cameras:

These radar based models can capture your speed but also light traffic offences 

SpeedCurb Speed Camera – high mounted to get a good view 

REDFLEXred and REDFLEXspeed Speed Cameras – Built in digital cameras capture in the instance of REDFLEXred, light traffic offences and can capture multiple offending vehicles at the same junction, whilst the REDFLEXspeed can cover up to 6 lanes of motorway traffic. 

Mobile Speed Cameras:

The familiar van parked at the side of road can use handheld radar, laser guns or mini Gatsos.  

Long Ranger Mobile Speed Camera: Can record your speed as well as light traffic offences like using your mobile phone whilst driving, or not wearing a seatbelt, from up to 1km away. 

Speed cameras can look very different all over the world, we’ll be exploring different cameras in different countries. Do you recognise any of the below?