If you, or someone you know has recently passed their driving test, our advice and information for new driver’s will help to increase your confidence.  

Once new drivers have got over the initial excitement of passing their driving test, it’s likely that a level of anxiety can sink in for many. Here at Cyclops, we want to help increase new drivers’ confidence before setting off on a new adventure on the open roads. Here are some helpful tips. 

Get to know your car: 

It is essential that you are familiar with how your car works. Spend some time reading up and playing around with the switches, change your headlights, find where the hazard lights are and so on, (when the car is stationary in a safe place of course). Although this may not seem important, instinctively and confidently knowing where everything is in your car, will be hugely beneficial.  

Experience bad weather as soon as you can: 

Rainy Sunday with no plans? Take an experienced driver out with you and head out on the roads when the weather is bad. You will be thankful that you spent some time experiencing different driving conditions when you had time, and not on a Monday morning in rush hour. 

Take your time: 

It is okay to take your time when you are driving, as long as you aren’t creating a dangerous situation. Placing passed plates onto your vehicle, will signal to drivers around you that you are a new driver, and to be more patient when they are following you on the roads. Rushing at roundabouts and junctions can result in an accident.  

Minimise distractions:  

Although being designated driver on road trips with your friends can be fun, loud music and driving a car full of people can be very distracting. THINK! Created a campaign in 2020, called ‘Our party car campaign’. Follow the link to find out more.