It was reported that around 1.27 million motorcycles and almost 31.7 million cars were registered in Great Britain at the end of 2020. With the minimum age to drive a light motorcycle in the UK, being 17, (16 years old to drive a moped), it is vital that motorcyclists safety is discussed frequently. 

All road users have a level of responsibility to protect themselves and others around them at all times. For car users, this is slightly easier compared to motorcyclists, the NHTSA state that you are 37% more likely to have a fatal accident on a motorcycle than in a car. 

In most cases, it is reported that bikers have less than 2 seconds to try and avoid a collision. So what can road users do to protect motorcyclists? 

 Inattentional Blindness is a phenomenon that can play a contribution to drivers not seeing motorcycles. The brain can go into automatic mode, looking for cars that could present a danger to the driver. The brain registers the motorcycle as a non-car, which can translate in the brain as a non-danger.  

Looking out for road signs can help you be more aware to your surroundings  Collision hot spot signs tend to be placed on tight bends or areas with a blind spot where motorcycles are likely to be harder to see. When you see a sign like this, make sure to pay extra attention and drop your speed so you are able to react quicker if required. 

For motorcyclists:

Safety is key, and wearing the correct clothing, can be the difference between a fatal accident or not. Research shows that helmets are effective at reducing the risk of head injury by 69%, and can prevent the risk of death by almost 37%.

SHARP rating is the Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme, a scheme to help motorcyclists make an informed choice when buying a helmet, below are some top SHARP rated helmets: 

  • Atlas 2.0 – Ruroc, 
  • AGV K5-S, 
  • Spartan GT – Shark 

It is also part of a motorcyclists responsibility to show their presence on the road, making sure to not overtake when the road of head isn’t fully visible, and signaling your next move in advance can help you be more visible to all road users.