Here at Cyclops, we cover 63 countries. We, therefore, wanted to have a look into what dangers drivers around the world may face.  

There are many different types of Australian wildlife that can cause hazards, When we think about this, we think of venomous snakes or the killer box jelly fish. But what about the iconic Australian animal, the Kangaroo. According to the AAMI, collisions with animals make up a total of 5% of all vehicle accidents on Australian roads, with kangaroos making up 90% of animal collisions. In 2019, it was reported that there was 7,992 kangaroo collision claims in the recorded year.  

Kangaroos are notorious for sitting in the grass on the side of the road, then jumping out in front of your vehicle when the driver is least expecting it. Although, the majority of kangaroo collisions, are not fatal for the driver, a collision with a kangaroo can cause serious damage to the vehicle.  

In each country, the dangers a driver may face can vary. In the UK, badgers are the most common animal to be hit by a car. It is estimated that as many as 50,000 badgers are killed on UK roads each year. In Canada, it is reported that deer are the most likely animal to be involved, with elks being a close second.  

However, the advice for how to respond when an animal is on the road, remains the same:

  • Avoid swerving to steer clear of the animal, although it may seem natural to dodge the animal, you are more likely to put yourself and other drivers in danger by doing this. 
  • Be aware of road signs, in areas where authorities are aware of wildlife, there is likely to be a sign stating this. 
  • Drive the speed limit – limits are put in place for a reason. Areas where accidents are likely to happen, speed limits will be set accordingly. Stick to this speed.  
  •  If you do happen to collide with an animal, be sure to contact your local wildlife rescue centre, to let them know of an injured animal.