Figures from the British Horse Society show that 1,010 road accidents involving horses were reported between 29/02/2020 – 28/09/2021 on British roads, of this, 46 horses have died.  

 As a driver it’s important to take extra care – especially when driving around bends so you are able to see the horse and their rider in plenty of time. But how else can drivers do their bit in protecting horses on our road? 

  • Slow down as soon as you see a horse on the road ahead, the British Horse Society recommend a maximum of 15mph, 


  • Allow plenty of space. Pass the horse wide and slow. 


  • Be prepared to make an emergency stop. Horses are unpredictable and you need to be ready to react. 


  • Drive slowly away, avoid accelerating too quickly. 


  • Respond to the riders instructions, if you see them hold out their right arm and slowly wave it up and down – this means they feel you’re going too fast and need you to slow down. 


  • Don’t sound your horn or rev your engine. Sudden noise can scare the horses. 

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