The price of fuel is notoriously volatile with a litre sometimes going up and down as much as 5p in a single month. It is therefore a priority for many drivers to be as fuel efficient as possible, but for many people, knowing what this actually means can be confusing.  

Fuel efficient driving simply means, driving in ways which will use up less fuel. Fuel efficient driving can not only save you money with filling your car up, but it can also improve road safety as well as prevent wear and tear on your vehicle. 

 Below we have listed some top tips to how to drive more fuel efficiently.  

Ways in which you are driving: 

  • Accelerate gently. The harder you accelerate the more fuel you will use, 
  • Maintain a steady speed when you can, 
  • Anticipate traffic. Anticipating what cars around you will do next, you can keep your speed as steady as possible. 
  • Avoid high speeds. Keep to the speed limit and save on fuel! 

How your vehicle can contribute:  

  • Maintain your vehicle. Regular services can help with your fuel efficiency,  
  • Remove excess weight. More weight means more fuel to pull it up those hills,  
  • Inflate tyres to correct pressure, 
  • Only top up your tank with as much fuel as you need.