With a push for healthier living in recent years, there has been an increase in the number of people opting to cycle instead of jumping in the car. In 2020, approximately 7.5 million people participated in cycling, either for sport, leisure or travel in England alone. 

 Although there are many benefits with choosing to cycle, there is also an increased risk that comes along with more cyclists on the road, not only for the cyclist themselves but also surrounding vehicles. The number of cyclists killed on British roads increased by 40% in 2020 alone. 

It is therefore vital that all road users are fully aware of the ways in which you should be acting:

Advice for cyclists:

  • Ride decisively and keep clear of the curb, 
  • Look and signal to show the drivers around you what you are planning on doing, 
  • Avoid riding where you may be a ‘blind spot’ for vehicles, 
  • Always use bright lights after dark or where visibility is poor,  
  • Ensure your cycle helmet is securely fitted,  
  • Avoid dark coloured clothing when cycling at night.

Advice for drivers:

  • Give cyclists plenty of space at all times,  
  • Use your indicators correctly to ensure cyclists are aware of your next move, 
  • Anticipate more cyclists than usual so you’re always prepared,  
  • Slow down when you see cyclists ahead of you.

With this advice, if you are looking to increase your activity, have a look at the government approved Bike2Work scheme, at www.bike2workscheme.co.uk set out to aid employees on living a healthier, happier more productive lifestyle!