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  • Is your app available on Android?

    Sadly not yet. It is a development we are working on and an Android version of our popular app will be available in the New Year.

  • Does your app integrate with CarPlay?

    The app doesn’t currently integrate with CarPlay but it is in development and an update with this will be released soon.

  • What sorts of cameras do you include?

    Our database covers 140,000 cameras in 63 countries and territories. We include speed enforcement, red light, red light and speed, average speed (section control), variable speed, temporary speed, regular mobile zone, live mobile alert.

  • What data formats can you provide?

    We can supply data in a variety of data formats to support your integration needs. We have two decades of experience of integrating our data with the world’s leading car and navigation brands. To find out more, please contact 

  • What countries do you cover?

    We provide data for safety cameras all over the world. We currently cover 63 countries and territories spanning 5 continents, but are always adding more. To find out if a region you are interested in is covered, please contact

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