Cyclops And Thinkware Announce Innovative Content

27th September 2021

10th March 2016

Today, Cyclops announces a new partnership with Thinkware, the leading Korean IT and location-based service provider. Thinkware is well-known for its smart platform services ranging from car navigation to dashboard cameras.

In this first collaboration, Thinkware have included Cyclops’ professionally verified safety camera databases and software into their range of Dash Cam devices. For the first time, Dash Cam users have been provided with a set of services that not only come into play in providing accurate evidence during emergencies, but also enhance every single driving journey.

Thinkware Dash Cams such as the X500 and F750 are setting the standard for innovation in the fast growing Dash Cam market by providing features that were once only seen in high-end luxury motor vehicles. These unique safety features include “Safety Camera Alert” which provides verified speed/red-light camera locations, also known as, regular speed trap alerts, and “Road Safety Warnings.”

The range of Thinkware Dash Cam devices are now available in Europe and the company are enjoying the growing demand from motor accessory retailers, high street technology outlets and the fleet and car insurance markets.

Cyclops Director at the time, Steve Wreford commented, “This new partnership with Thinkware will bring our premium quality safety camera database to drivers in over ten markets worldwide. The combination of powerful safety features in this range of devices will really help Thinkware drivers keep an eye on the road ahead.”

Chief Executive Officer of Thinkware, Lee Heung Bok, also commented, “Thinkware is a leader in dash cam technologies and our global partnership with Cyclops will help support our expansion into new overseas markets with our products.”

Thinkware Dash Cams are available in the UK through retail partners including Expansys, Dixons Retail and Jessops. In North America the Thinkware range is listed by Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon.